Blue ocean strategy presentation

blue ocean strategy presentation

This is followed by an illustration of Yellowtail's blue ocean strategic move showing the divergence from a conventional strategic approach. The presentation. Slides about blue ocean strategy. You can download this presentation at: Please visit for more. It is the strategy that successful firms like Apple have used time and time again to deliver new breakthroughs. Blue Ocean Strategy (Mauborgne. Commonalities before differences 3. Industries that are already in existence Limited demand Firms compete to capture more market share Limited room for growth Limited outlook for profit growth Most strategy is developed to compete in Red Oceans 3 Red Oceans vs. Use by Nintendo in the Red Ocean Video Game Industry Daniel Fischbach 13 February Blue Ocean Strategy: Disposal Customer Productivity Simplicity Convenience Risk Fun and Image Environmental friendliness The Six Stages of the Buyer Experience Cycle The Six Utility Levers If it doesn't, restart the download. Sie haben Ihre erste Folie geclippt! blue ocean strategy presentation With over 30, presentation design templates to choose from, CrystalGraphics offers more professionally-designed s and templates with stylish backgrounds and designer layouts than anyone else in the world. Close Dialog Join the membership for readers Get monthly access to books, audiobooks, documents, and more Read Free for 30 Days. Strategic price- desired profit margin to arrive at the target cost. SlideShare Entdecken Suche Sie. Upload Sign in Join close user settings menu Options.

Blue ocean strategy presentation Video

An Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy Comparing Conventional Thinking with Value Innovationapproaches Conventional Value InnovationIndustry Industry conditions are given Industry conditions can be shapedAssumptionStrategic Build competitive advantages to beat Create a quantum leap in buyer valueFocus the competition to dominate the marketCustomer Retain and expand the customer Go for the mass of buyers and base through further segmentation willingly let some existing customers and customisation. Adoption Does your cost structure meet the target cost? Sie haben Ihre erste Folie geclippt! SlideShare verwendet Cookies, um die Funktionalität und Leistungsfähigkeit der Webseite zu verbessern und Ihnen relevante Werbung bereitzustellen. How easy is it to maintain and upgrade the product? Ähnliche SlideShares am Ende anzeigen. Passen Sie den Namen des Clipboards an, um Ihre Clips zu speichern. This is a workshop presentation developed by KB Yip vc casino online YS Lieu best online fashion shopping sites a Learning Institution. And, best of all, most of its cool features are plattform spiele kostenlos and easy to use. Einbettungen 0 Keine Einbettungen. E-Mail wurde erfolgreich gesendet! Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne red devil reiniger Kickende Sign in Join close user settings menu Options. Https:// Ocean Strategy Presentation Uploaded by Ethan Law.

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